Want to try a scientifically proven way to relieve stress and improve your health?

Vibro-acoustic sound therapy is a safe, natural relaxation therapy used in hospitals and private clinics throughout the world for stress reduction and pain relief. And it works right away - from the very first session!

What is relaxation therapy with vibro-acoustic sound?

Powerful sound waves soothe your muscles and calm your mind

A layer of warm jade stones under you warms and relaxes your body

Purified, ionised air helps your lungs recover from city air

Subtle aroma from Japanese evergreens increases feel-good brain activity

An audio programme through headphones helps you unwind

All in a beautiful private room where you can RELAX and get away from it all!

Mind/Body Relaxation
15 minutes


In just 15 minutes your body and mind can reset from daily stress. Therapeutic frequencies played through the vibro-acoustic sound therapy bed work on both your body and your mind to trigger the relaxation response, your body's natural stress-fighting biochemistry. Through headphones you'll enjoy a short progressive muscle relaxation exercise. You'll really feel a change, even after just 15 minutes!

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Himalayan Sound Therapy
50 minutes


“Out of this world!” That's how one client described her experience with Himalayan Sound Therapy. The sound of centuries-old singing bowls moves from the vibro-acoustic sound therapy bed through your entire body. It is totally relaxing, and has beneficial effects on brain health. This is a music-only session without guided imagery or relaxation exercises. Read more: Himalayan Sound Therapy

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Personal Consultation
60 minutes


Yes, you can learn to be less stressed! Includes a half-hour of personal consultation with Colin, and an additional half-hour of guided imagery and vibro-acoustic sound therapy in the relaxation centre. You'll also get a Personal Stress Action Plan to bring home, with lots information to help you change the way you respond to stress. If you want to learn to be more relaxed, start here.

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Therapies that really work combined into a perfectly relaxing session.

Progressive muscle relaxation ‘Significantly decreases levels of stress and anxiety’ - 2002 Study
Japanese aromatherapy ‘Decreases levels of stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline’ - 2009 Study
Vibro-acoustic sound “Increased well-being in daily life...physical and emotional relaxation” - 2012 Study
Guided imagery “Cortisol [stress hormone] levels were significantly decreased after the first session” - 2006 Study
Far-infrared thermotherapy ‘Results showed increased levels of serotonin and quality of sleep’ - 2012 Study

Traci C.

Verified Reviewer

My first session with Colin was fantastic. Great verbal session first with lots of great information. Then the relaxation portion was amazing. The room reminded me of a Japanese temple, peaceful and beautiful. I felt very relaxed when I left and my busy day that followed was easier to face. Felt great long after session and look forward to my next one. Would highly recommend. ”

Peggy A.

Verified Reviewer

I love the relaxation room, I find it very helpful and love the guided meditation and ocean sounds. I have had it help my sinus migraines quiet down which is a great relief. ”

John D.

Verified Reviewer

Great experience! Would highly recommend for everyone. ”

Val H.

Verified Reviewer

I would definitely recommend the relaxation clinic. I have been there for two sessions and have found it very beneficial in teaching me how to relax. I am really looking forward to my next session. ”

Gregg B.

Verified Reviewer

Highly recommended . Very knowledgeable and informative . Collin has a soothing way about him in person and in session audio . I cant wait to do it again . if you need to relax but havent found your way this is the place . ”

Tara M.

Verified Reviewer

A short session in Colin Stone's healing oasis left me feeling rejuvenated and alert. I can see how a series of these sessions would lead to an overall improvement in feelings of well-being and general health. Colin has a very welcoming and assuring demeanour that put me at ease before the session. The relaxation treatment room is an exceptional intersection of science and the mystic, both in decor and experience. Being there was an experience that I highly recommend as an advanced and substantial step towards feeling more at home in the world and at peace. ”

Relaxation therapy provides real help for:

😃 Better sleep
😃 Memory improvement
😃 Happier mood
😃 Quitting smoking
😃 Getting motivated
😃 Staying calm under pressure
😃 Conquering negative self-talk
😃 Preparing for surgery
😃 Enjoying studying

...and so much more! Just imagine now, what's the single top thing you would accomplish with less stress?

Relaxation Therapist in Halifax
Colin Stone, MASC, BSYA

Read about Colin and his lifelong passion for relaxation arts and science.

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Wondering about long-term results? Dozens of scientific studies show that 6 to 12 sessions can break your old stress habits for good!

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A personal note from Colin

Relaxation therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you or someone you care about suffers from any serious illness or mental health matter, please seek appropriate help from a doctor or dial 811 from anywhere in Nova Scotia to speak with a Registered Nurse 24 hours a day.

Stress is not all bad. It fulfils an important function in keeping us safe from physical harm if we're threatened or in danger. But if you're like most people, some degree of irrational stress and worry may be holding you back from achieving one or more things you'd like to do in your life. That's why the relaxation centre is here for you. It's a calming personal space where you can unplug and unwind and take a break to focus on yourself and your personal goals. Call me or book online and let's get started!