Here’s what happened when I went a week without social media

I have embraced electronic communications since I was really young. Staying connected is just one of those things that makes the world more interesting. In 1995, twenty years before Facebook, I had a pager connected to my email so that I could get “instant messages” including email and news updates anywhere. Yes, a pager. But in those days, we were willing to look ridiculous to stay connected! Continue reading “Here’s what happened when I went a week without social media”

Mental health is not a long and painful journey

Many people, even some mental health professionals, have the idea that mental health is a long and painful journey. They say that each step can be painful and difficult, but eventually you’ll get to the top. Step after grueling painful step.

Sorry, but that’s just nonsense. Or…maybe “you’re doing it wrong.” Continue reading “Mental health is not a long and painful journey”

When “Holiday Stress Tips” Backfire

(There’s a high probability that the universe doesn’t really work the way this picture says.)

This time of year, a lot of “Holiday Stress Tips” articles come across my desk. They’re pretty much all the same, you know, advice on eating well, exercise, being kind to yourself, etc. And it’s true, those things are important. But there’s another aspect of stress that those articles seem to entirely miss. Continue reading “When “Holiday Stress Tips” Backfire”