Give something that matters.
The gift of total relaxation.

What do you get for the person who has everything?
Relaxation in order to enjoy it all.

Gift certificates can be bought in any dollar amount and never expire. A typical first session is 45 minutes, including a 15-minute personal consultation and 30 minutes of deep relaxation in the relaxation centre, for $105 plus HST.

To buy gift certificates, contact Colin and arrange a time to drop by. Pressed for time? No worries. You can order gift certificates by phone and they'll be delivered to you free anywhere in Nova Scotia.

A gift that lasts a lifetime.

Want to give them something that will last? Something they'll really use? Something that won't end up in a closet or landfill in a few months?

Colin's relaxation centre will eliminate stress from their body by using a custom designed night sky projection, music for deep relaxation, Japanese aromatherapy, purified air and vibro-acoustic sound therapy. In 30 minutes it will leave them incredibly relaxed. But that's not all. During their session, Colin's audio programme will guide them into deep relaxation and give them the skills to improve their creativity, reach goals, and break through the wall of stress that occasionally holds all of us back from achieving all that we're really capable of.

Relaxation is a thoughtful gift that can have lasting, lifelong positive effects. And it's something everyone needs!

Contact Colin below and make an appointment to see this wonderful place for yourself, or to order gift certificates by phone.