What is homeostatic resistance?

Ever heard of homeostatic resistance? Homeostasis comes from the Greek words for “same” and “steady”, it refers to the processes that living things use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival. If it’s a hot day and you go outside, you’ll sweat to bring your body temperature back down. We can thank homeostasis in our body for keeping things “normal” and steady.

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Here’s what happened when I called a grandmother out for lying

The 82 year-old laughed as she told me  “I’m too old to use a computer.”

It got me thinking about how I know people in their nineties who can easily navigate around an android tablet, a laptop or iPhone.

Age has nothing to do with it. Hers was a self-imposed restriction.

To put it bluntly, some people choose to adapt to new circumstances and accept the adventure of changing times, whilst others, well, they just make excuses.

There are areas of life where most of us make excuses here and there. I know I do sometimes.

But there are times when self-imposed restrictions limit our joy in life. They can hold us back – or worse, make us feel a little bit less valuable than other people. We could feel left out of modern life, as did the 82 year-old I mentioned.

When you sense self-imposed restrictions in yourself, it may be worthwhile to acknowledge these and ask whether it’s really helpful or not to impose these restrictions. What might you gain by loosening up on the “I can’ts” a bit?

I’m happy to say that the 82 year-old now enjoys her android tablet and is a Candy Crush Saga addict!

So, unleash yourself from any useless self-imposed restrictions!

Finding inspiration inside a Hawaiian volcano

Downing margaritas on the beach for a week has never been my favourite way to spend a vacation. My whale-belly-white skin could never tolerate it. Besides, I prefer adventures off the beaten path, usually out of range of any wi-fi or data service.

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