What is homeostatic resistance?

Ever heard of homeostatic resistance? Homeostasis comes from the Greek words for “same” and “steady”, it refers to the processes that living things use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival. If it’s a hot day and you go outside, you’ll sweat to bring your body temperature back down. We can thank homeostasis in our body for keeping things “normal” and steady.

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Positive self-talk using guided imagery

  • All-or-nothing thinking

  • Discounting the positive

  • Jumping to conclusions

  • Self-blame

All of us experience these types of negative self-talk from time to time. Things like “I should have known better!” and “I’m such an idiot”. That’s why positive self-talk is so important. Learning to build ourselves up and be our own cheerleader can really create a positive change in thinking. Continue reading “Positive self-talk using guided imagery”

When anxiety and depression strike, grab your shoes. Here’s why.

Your body is made for motion. Like water, when stagnant it becomes a breeding ground for disease. So stir the waters of your life and begin exercising! Regular exercise enhances neurotransmitter production and helps to lower stress hormone levels. Continue reading “When anxiety and depression strike, grab your shoes. Here’s why.”