How learning to relax makes some people “lucky”

Clients have told me that learning to relax has made them “luckier” and that opportunities just appear where before there were none. But the reality is that opportunities were always there. All those opportunities were just buried under stress and fear of failure.

It has been said that what people call “luck” is nothing more than preparedness meeting opportunity. Do you find that stress makes you feel unprepared? Most people do. So by learning to control stress, suddenly the opportunities appear in front of you.

That brings me to another point: push vs pull. I’ve never seen a cart being pushed by a horse, and I can’t imagine such a think working out very well. After all, the horse needs to see where he is stepping so that he can avoid tripping over potholes or obstacles. Yet, when it comes to ourselves, we push. I need to lose some weight!….I just have to quit my awful job!….I’d better stop eating junk food!…etc. While pushing can sometimes bring about some degree of success, it’s kind of like shaming ourselves into making changes. So is there a better way?

Yes. A horse pulls a cart along the path toward a destination, and if you’ve ever travelled on horseback, you know that when the horse actually sees his destination he speeds up!

Well, we’re the same way. Seeing where we are going (or where we want to go) can lead us speeding towards our goals.

“Lose some of those extra pounds” – or – “be healthier and look great”. Same thing. But pulling towards the goal gives us a solid picture of the positive things we want to achieve. It gives us something to work toward. Guided Imagery (that’s where I come in) can make those goals even clearer and more attainable, almost as if your goals are just effortlessly drawing you towards them.

“Quit the job” – or – “look for fulfilling work somewhere else”? I’m sure you can see how pulling towards a goal helps us get there more easily. And when we’re pulling, we’re more aware of opportunities. They just show up. Healthful food was always there, we just didn’t see it. Better jobs were always there, we just didn’t notice.

Guided Imagery is a natural therapy that helps you use your imagination to motivate you to reach your personal goals.

Goals like these focus more on what we want to achieve rather than on how to get there. We decide what we want, fix the image firmly into our mind (again, Guided Imagery helps with this) and suddenly the “how” just unfolds in front of us. And when we’re prepared, we pull toward our goal with all the ease and determination of a powerful horse on his way home.




Author: Colin Stone

Professional Relaxation Therapist (MASC, BSYA) and founder of The Healing Yurt in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Using guided imagery, therapeutic music and aromatherapy to relieve stress in the most relaxing room on earth!