Mental health is not a long and painful journey

Many people, even some mental health professionals, have the idea that mental health is a long and painful journey. They say that each step can be painful and difficult, but eventually you’ll get to the top. Step after grueling painful step.

Sorry, but that’s just nonsense. Or…maybe “you’re doing it wrong.”

Because the path to mental health should not be like a long painful staircase. It can – and should – be more like an elevator.

You’re going to your floor, and even if the elevator stops and you think about getting off, you check the floor and stay on. Because you’re not there yet. And, hey, even if you do get off on the wrong floor, you push “up” and get back on. That’s the key. You just stay on until you get there.

Ever been on a glass elevator? The views can be magnificent!

That’s what good therapy is like. Maybe there are stops and starts. Maybe even the urge to quit and get off. But the higher you go, the better the view.

This is one case where taking the elevator is definitely better for your health than taking the “stairs”!

Relaxation training is the opposite of a long painful journey. It’s an awesome trip up an elevator with wonderful views all along the way.

Push the button, and let’s do this!




Author: Colin Stone

Professional Relaxation Therapist (MASC, BSYA) and founder of The Healing Yurt in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Using guided imagery, therapeutic music and aromatherapy to relieve stress in the most relaxing room on earth!