8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Less Stressed at Work

Sure, work environments are often fast-paced and can contribute to anxiety. But there are lots of things you can do to make your time spent at work more relaxing and healthful. Here are eight things you can do today to make your work a less stressful place! Continue reading “8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Less Stressed at Work”

What the 2015 Dressgate can teach us about stress

Remember this internet meme from 2015? What colour was the dress? Everyone saw something different.

Actually the dress was blue and black, but the blue-biased lighting in the original photo made it look white and gold. Few, if any, of us have ever seen the original dress. All we had to go on was a picture of it. A low-quality picture in bad lighting that made it tough to tell what was really going on with that dress.

What does all this have to do with stress? A lot. Continue reading “What the 2015 Dressgate can teach us about stress”

Behind the scenes: The therapy room

Secrets of the Relaxation Centre

Part 2: Inside the Therapy Room

(This article originally appeared in the Stress & Wellness Newsletter, May 2016)

When you’re lying on the therapy table, feeling so incredibly relaxed, you’re probably not thinking about all of the science at work behind the scenes. The fact is, this is like no other room on earth. Everything in the room is working on your brain to help you slip into a relaxed state. Here are a few of the secrets behind how the relaxation centre “hacks” your brain for total relaxation!

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