Fear of spiders makes them look bigger

Tali Leibovich, a PhD student at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (who herself is afraid of spiders) recently published a study in which she found that arachnophobia makes spiders appear larger than they really are.

Yes, people with a fear of spiders consistently over-estimated the size of spiders. The arachnophobes did not misjudge the size of butterflies or birds, or even wasps, even though wasps are indeed dangerous. It seems our emotions drive us to experience the same world in very different ways.

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What happens on your first relaxation centre visit

One of the questions I’m most often asked about the relaxation centre is “what exactly happens on my first visit? What should I expect? And do I have to wear or do anything in preparation?” Okay, that’s really three questions, but they’re all good questions, so let me take you step-by-step what happens from the time you book an appointment, right through your first session here at the relaxation centre.

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Behind the scenes: The reception area

Secrets of the Relaxation Centre

Part 1: The Reception Area

(This article originally appeared in the Stress & Wellness Newsletter, February 2016)

From the moment you step into my office, I want you to feel like you’ve walked into another world. That includes the reception or waiting area.

Here are some of the special little details that I’ve put into my reception area.  Some of these are things that you’ll notice right away. Others work more on your subconscious mind, so that when you walk in and sit down, you’ll already begin to relax even if you don’t quite understand why…

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