Positive self-talk using guided imagery

  • All-or-nothing thinking

  • Discounting the positive

  • Jumping to conclusions

  • Self-blame

All of us experience these types of negative self-talk from time to time. Things like “I should have known better!” and “I’m such an idiot”. That’s why positive self-talk is so important. Learning to build ourselves up and be our own cheerleader can really create a positive change in thinking.

But there’s a catch.

Positive self-talk has to happen in a very specific mental state or it does not work. In other words, we must really believe the positive self-talk otherwise it can be destructive and backfire.

What mental state is required for positive mental programming?

All mental programming happens in a highly emotional state. Neuroscientists call this state of mind a waking REM state. Strong emotions tell the brain “listen up, this is important!” and cause long-term memory to be written in the deep-learning part of our brain which is sometimes called the subconscious mind. That’s why all of your early memories are of experiences with some significant emotion – positive or negative – attached to them.

How do we create an emotional learning state for positive self-talk?

I learned computer programming as a kid and it is no understatement that programming the mind is very much like programming a computer “brain”. Long-term memory banks need to be in a write-state, and in humans (and many animals) the write-state for positive memories is accomplished by creating a powerful sense of comfort, security, relaxation and positive emotion.

That is what happens in the relaxation centre. With the body very physically relaxed by low-frequency sound waves, aromatherapy and ionically-purified air, the brain becomes receptive to programming and enters a REM state.

Then, positive self-talk is induced in the guided imagery that I use, which includes a very carefully-constructed set of instructions to “program” the mind to write positive self-talk into long-term memory.

By the way, I don’t tell you what to say to yourself. That will come naturally. Sometimes it’s not even words that come, but thoughts and abstract ideas of feeling better about yourself, being more motivated, and feeling a real sense of power and ability to overcome challenges in life.

And of course, all of this takes place in the beautiful environment of the relaxation centre, so you aren’t wired up to anything or unconscious. You simply relax, unwind, listen to beautiful music and the sound of my voice for about half an hour through a special set of headphones.

Typically, four to six sessions creates a permanent impression of those positive self images, but you’ll notice many changes after even the first session! That’s because your mind really wants to help you grow (the brain loves learning, that’s its purpose) and it will start working right away from your very first guided imagery session here.

If you would like to learn more about how this works, please give me a call at (902) 404-3998. Or if you’re ready to get started now, go ahead and check my calendar to book your first appointment with no further obligation to continue if you aren’t fully convinced that your first session has been an absolutely powerful life-changing experience!





Author: Colin Stone

Professional Relaxation Therapist (MASC, BSYA) and founder of The Healing Yurt in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Using guided imagery, therapeutic music and aromatherapy to relieve stress in the most relaxing room on earth!