Music for Night Bus Riders

Music for Night Bus Riders is a melodic ambient music track made especially for listening to while riding the late-night bus through quiet city streets.

“When I worked at a new age radio station in Los Angeles in the 1980s, I took the bus at four thirty in the morning,” Colin explains. “The city is a different place at that time. Sliding through the streets, watching the lights streak by, fills you with a feeling that only a handful of people will ever know and understand. This music is for them.”

There's a feeling of motion and understated energy in this 13-minute long track. Colin created the music with low frequency tones that, when listened to through earphones on a bus, blend with the bus engine to create strange and wonderful harmonics. Other sounds come and go and seem to move along with the lights whizzing by outside the bus window.

Whether you're a night bus rider, or just want to get that night-bus feeling, download this track now at your favourite online music store.

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