Relaxation Audio - The Psychologically Ultimate Waterfall

“The Psychologically Ultimate Waterfall” is an hour-long electronically-enhanced recording of a waterfall (Gate Gill, located in the Lake District in England). And yes - that's really it in the picture.

Waterfalls naturally produce a sound spectrum similar to white noise and can be helpful for relaxation, sleep, or masking background noise. Colin digitally enhanced the original recording to increase the masking quality of the sound, and also to produce a lulling, soothing pattern that is not discernable to the naked ear. This sound pattern can induce sleep and meditative states naturally. It does not use subliminal messages or binaural beats.

Colin recorded the track using a stereo microphone in the field, and painstakingly remixed the sound in the studio for a rich 3D surround sound effect.

Many different “moods” can be experienced by changing the bass and treble controls and the volume on your audio equipment, and by listening through a variety of different speakers or earphones.

As with all relaxation recordings, this track can cause drowsiness and should not be used while driving or doing any activity that requires concentration.

Listen to a short sample: